Saturday, January 23, 2016

"Creative Sketching Workshop"

I was really delighted to receive a great "Christmas present"...Pete Scully's book, "Creative Sketching Workshop"!  I'm honored to be among the contributors to this book, along with fellow sketchers Shiho Nakaza, Rita Sabler, Liz Steel, James Hobbs, Ilga Leimanis, Nina Johansson, Kumi Matsukawa, Paul Wang, Samantha Zaza, Melanie Reim, and a number of other talented artists.  I enjoyed writing about one of my favorite things to do..."high speed passenger sketching"!  Thanks to Pete and RotoVision for the opportunity to be part of this project!

I do this all the time (when not driving, of course!)  Here are a few recent sketches from my passenger seat "studio"...

A super-quick sketch made on Beverly Blvd. on Christmas day...sketching on a city street is far more challenging than a freeway, where there is usually some repetition in the scenery, and the ability to see distance...

A couple of sketches made on the freeway in the rain recently...

 Playing a bit with color ink washes...

Sometimes it's nice to keep it simple, with black and white...

And adding just a bit of color...or mixing it up with different materials...


  1. This is great, congratulations.
    I see that your teaching another class at Descanso Gardens wish I had Saturdays free to take it.

  2. Hi Marie, and thank you! I'll have to try a workshop on another day sometime soon.

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  4. I'm in awe of the "high speed passenger sketching" -- I would be so carsick! :)

    1. Thanks, Linda! Somehow, it seems to work!