Friday, April 19, 2013


...perhaps the very best time of year to visit the California desert--though I'm learning to appreciate every season in the Mojave, spring just has such lovely weather.  Our visit was during "spring break", and of course we weren't the only ones who chose that time to travel, especially into Joshua Tree National Park.

I'm lucky to have lots of passenger
sketching time in this expansive landscape...

...and driving through the Park...

Lots of time spent drawing in the Park on this visit--
I never get tired of these rocks!

Hidden Valley has become a favorite spot...a surprisingly lush mix of high desert plants and trees...and loads of rock climbers on those rocks.

 ...a view here of the outskirts of Twentynine Palms...a quiet life except for the sound of distant blasts coming from the Marine Base and a few errant off-road bikes!

   Then time to head back to the city...

...through small desert towns and the Morongo Valley...and back on Highway 10 and home.


  1. Love all your urban sketches !

    Best, Elaine wolf baker

  2. Hi Elaine! So sorry to have missed this earlier, and thank you!