Thursday, November 27, 2014

JPL Open House

NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena hosts an annual Open House--and some 40,000 people show up for this free weekend event.  While there is some waiting in line to see many of the rooms and demonstrations, it's exciting to see such a diverse crowd, and so many children there to get inspired by science!

JPL employees demonstrate how this little prototype Rover with its 8 independently motorized wheels rolls over "rocks"...

 Rather than stand in line, here I sketched on top of a trashcan (which makes a good impromptu easel) above the crowd entering an exhibit of digital technology...

One of the most fascinating things on view...a wonderful demonstration of the huge, spider-like "Scarecrow" from the Curiosity Rover, as it appears to intelligently move around "Martian" rocks.  (Later I found out that the name "Scarecrow" came from its lack of a brain.)  I'm sketching elbow to elbow here with fellow visitors in a large sketchbook.  I sat on nearby steps to add some color, listening to the variety of languages spoken all around me--something I love about where I live!

It seemed that every child in attendance left with a pair of 3-D glasses--what fun!

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