Monday, May 30, 2011

Drawing on Location in the Desert Arizona and on the way...Monument Valley, Sedona and Quartzsite...

on a long stretch of highway...

...a bumpy dirt road outside of Sedona,
and snow flurries in January near
Monument Valley...

There's nothing quite like
Monument Valley...

...a tour through neighboring Mystery Valley
that requires a Navajo guide...on New Years Day


  1. Hi, I've used your "Road to Quartzsite" drawing as a sleeve for an audio CD onto which I burned some songs for our family holiday this summer. I had done a Google Image search for "black and white drawing road" or something similar. I really like the way you capture the essence of a landscape using what looks like a coarse, 'scribbly' technique. The rectangular drawing came out fine out of my antiquated printer. Don't worry, I won't commercialise my music compilation; I just wanted the CD, for personal use, to be aesthetically pleasing. It's nice that the front and the back form part of a single drawing. Many thanks, and keep on drawing!

    1. Hi Bert, I appreciate your letting me know--thanks for the kind words!